Find How Many No. Of +1’d Your Website Web Pages Have Got

Google +1 has been rolled out some days back, but as it seems it has started becoming one of the signal for website ranking that’s means if some of the website pages on your website were +1’d they may have a better chances of ranking higher.

For all the bloggers out there, I would suggest that you should implement google +1 button on your website pages including the home page of your website or blog more people who click +1 button on your website anywhere on any webpage, it is more useful and provide a better ranking to your website under google search results.

In case you have already implemented +1 button on your website or blog, you would like to know how many unique users who +1’d your pages and which pages of your website has got +1 button clicked and being recommended publicly by users, follow the procedure to know how to get this information.

1. In order to find out, go to

2. Once you are logged in to google webmasters, click on your website URL to view the website webmasters data and statistics.

3. Under website statistics options shown on the page in left pane, click +1 Metrics >> Audience you will get to know how many users has clicked +1 on your website pages as shown in the image below.

no of  1

4. Under +1 metrics, click activity link to find out all data like which all pages with their URLs were +1’d and when there were +1’d as shown in the image below.

 1 activity webpages

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