Find, Hide Google+ Picasa Photo Albums Are Exposed To Public

Google has recently rolled out new service called google+ which seems to be great fresh approach towards making google more social, with google plus google has actually tried an initiative much similar to facebook but its much more powerful in terms of functionality and data flow, all the updates you see on are real time and instant, you don’t need to refresh a page to the see the new comment or update it automatically fetches and display them.

Google+ also fetches photos from your picasa web album and by default it will inherit all the permissions from your picasa web albums that means all those albums which are public in your picasa web album will be visible to all your friends in different circles you have added on google plus.

In such case you might want to hide these albums from google+ or hide simply hide them, follow the procedure below to do the same.

Hide Picasa Web Albums On Google+

1. Login to google plus at

6-30-2011 1-34-41 PM

2. Once you are logged in, navigate to your profile page by clicking yours name on the home page as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 8-57-41 PM

3. On your profile page, click photos to see and view all the photo albums which are public in any way, either they are public to everyone as in that case each of your friend in any of your google plus circle will be able to see them.


There might be a case when you have shared a photo album with some person via link to view method in private way, that album will also appear but it will appear to the only to that person inside or outside google+, no other friend of yours on google+ can see that private album so there should be no problem but that album will appear here to you as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 9-04-28 PM

4. For any album which you don’t want it to appear here and accessible to be viewed by your google+ friends in any circle then click on the album and make it private or limited by altering its public view permissions, Now click cross for all the people who can view the photo, and make sure you delete all the people as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 9-11-52 PM

5. Once you have removed people, click save button and this album will disappear from photos section on google+

I hope its clear now, how you can hide picasa web album on google+ if still if you want to know how these photos albums looks when some one view your profile, you can try the view profile as feature as shown in the image below, in this case you will need to type the name of the person.

6-30-2011 9-22-49 PM

Now you can view your profile as how it appear to your google+ friend as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 9-24-26 PM

This way you will get to know, which of your picasa web album will appear on your google plus profile.

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