Find Hex, RGB Color Code Of Any Part Of Screen

This tool might be useful to all the readers who spend most of the time editing the images on their system because the most difficult task while editing an image is to select the most appropriate color for an image. Now this color may appear at any instant in front of you. But then selecting it may be a problem. Today we will be reviewing a tool known as Color detector which will help you to note down the color specifications of a color which is available on your desktop at any point of time.

This tool will help you to detect the color which is present on your desktop. Just take the point anywhere on your screen and then you will be able to note down the specification about that color. It may also tell you the name of that particular color if it has a name. For example the color name of the default background of the Window explorer is ‘Ghost White’. Similarly you can identify the remaining colors.

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The snapshot of this tool can be seen above. The fields in which the information of that color will be given is shown in the application window. Here you can see that every color has its own Hex code which keeps on changing as we move our pointer from one location to another. Above it, the name of the color is shown, if the detected color is pure and has a certain name then it will show the name else ‘unnamed’ will appear in that blank.

When you will launch this freeware it will show you the coordinates of your mouse pointer and then below it you can see the amount of Red, Green and Blue color content mixed in that detected color. Generally the users who prefer to work with Photoshop can note down that reading in front of Red Green and Blue as it will help them to select the exact color in their tool as well.

The size of this tool is very small, that is around 500 Kb and moreover this tool is portable so start carrying it from today in you USB drive and then help you other friends. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I think this remedy will be quite fruitful. So, Use it and Enjoy !!!!

Download Color Detector


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