Find Free Not In Use IP Address On LAN Network

It may be a case when you would like to assign an IP Address to your computer on the LAN network, but if you assign an already allotted IP address to a computer it will result in a IP address conflict which will suspend the network connectivity of the computer with IP address conflict.

In such a case, specially in large organisations it might be difficult to determine which IP address is available or taken. PenyuScanner is a small tool to assist network administrator to scan for all IP address in network within specific range.


You can specify the IP range to scan and PenyuScanner will scan through and show which IP address is available and which one has already been taken. This small utlity is works fine and it is very easy to use can solve the problem of IP Address conflict.

This application works on all version of windows, we have just tested the same in windows 7 ultimate 32 bit edition, it worked absolutely fine without any issues.

Download PenyuScanner [ Link Updated ]


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