Find & Filter Hotmail Emails Containing Photos, Documents or Videos

Hotmail has recently rolled out some new features in the hotmail interface like active view which allows to view photos, video attached in mails as attachment in the mail itself without going to the third party sites like youtube or flickr view the content, many hotmail users really liked this feature as it makes it more simple and easy for them to view the content in mail in the mail interface itself.

But still if you don’t like this feature we had also posted about how can you disable active view in hotmail, Today we will tell you another improvement done in hotmail interface which allows you to easily filter all mails with photos, document as attachment in single click.

In the new refined hotmail interface with active view enabled, you will see a section called Quick Views which has 3 filters with which you can easily see the mails which are either flagged or has photos or has office documents, spreadsheets etc.

In the left side bar in hotmail web interface below the folders list you will see these filters under Quick Views as shown in the image below.

10-2-2010 2-16-48 AM

Clicking on each of these labels shown under quick will filter the mails and show all the mails which fulfils the criteria. 

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