Find, Extract License Key Information Of Installed Softwares

How can I forget that day, when I got mad while searching for the product key of ‘Microsoft Office 2007’. If you lost your key, then you cannot think of anything else except buying a new product key or buying a new fey finder program and even I didn’t have any other option at that time so I ended up buying a key finder program. But still I was desperately searching for a solution and luckily I got one and this solution is known as Softkey Revealer, which is unexpectedly a freeware and can easily recover your installed application key.

This tool will not wait for you to enter the specification or any data regarding the application whose key has to be searched; instead it will enlist the keys of all the products which are installed on your system. So, you don’t have to do anything just launch this tool and you will get the key of those programs which are installed on your system. So, now you will not go for the above two options as this one is the best.

As you can see from the above snapshot that it has an application window in which all the keys of the installed products are enlisted like Windows XP, Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and the other installed products. Under the ‘File’ tab, you will see the option ‘copy to word’, as its name signifies that this tool is used to copy all the content available in that window to a word file. So, when you forget any of the keys again then you can refer that word file to retain them.

It will not only show the key of your product but it also tell you about the Product ID of the Operating System, the name of your Computer, the name of the registered user and the name of the registered organization which is being used on your system. You can even edit the registration information of the Windows by the ‘edit Window Reg Info’ option available under Edit tab.

The size of this tool is also very small, just 158Kb, so it is light and portable. This tool does not get installed, so it will keep your desktop clean and it will not even get minimized on your system tray. Just double click the .exe file and you can see the application window containing all the above mentioned information.

This tool is compatible with all the version of Windows (not sure about 64-bit version), as it has been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Softkey Revealer

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