Find, Delete Folders With No or Zero Files In Windows

Blank folders can be found in everyone’s computer, there are many reason behind this. Now when you uninstall any application, then you rarely bother to take a glance at the empty folder which have been create after the tools has been uninstalled they keep on getting piled up in your Program Files folder. Apart from these, in your Temp folder you will find huge list of empty folders and apart from these two you might observe that sometimes these blank folders are also created manually and then left aside.


Scanning all the folders manually is almost next to impossible, because we cannot predict the exact location for all the empty folders. So, to solve this problem we have a tool which can help you to scan a particular portion of your system and list out all the empty folders available in that specified location. You can call this tool as Empty Folder Remover. You can see the screenshot of the tool above this paragraph, you can see a button named ‘Open Folder’, now this button will help you to locate the location which is to be scanned for the empty folders and then as soon as you select it, the tool will automatically start scanning the area.

Time taken for scanning to complete depends upon the size of the location which is supposed to be scanned. Once the scanning is complete, you can see the list of all the folders in the middle of the application window. Now you can read their names and then decide whether you want to delete them or leave them. After finalizing the list by checking and unchecking the names you can click the Delete button, which will again ask for the conformation. After doing so, all the empty folders select by the application will be deleted.

That’s it, it is quite simple to use as you can see that it has got a single feature which can be accessed by the help of few buttons over the application window. The size of this application is around 720 Kb and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you face any problem while using it, then please let us know.

Download Empty Folder Remover

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