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Sharing files on the internet has become one of the major activities that is performed by the computer users. But, most of the users think that this task is too complex and they feel it very difficult to do. Although, at present there are many ways and many services are being provided on the internet for allowing the user to share these files, but out of those many services DropBox is one of the most widely and easy to use service.

DropBox is one of the most commonly used and in fact very popular file sharing service. It simply allows the user to share files by just copying the files to user’s public folder. After copying the files, one of the issue which the user often face is finding the URL of the file which has been copied and it is really a hard task. For this, we introduce another utility which has been recently launched and which provides the user with that URL. DropBox Linker is a smart, simple yet powerful tool which is right now available as a freeware for Windows and it allows the user to get the public URL of the copied file as soon as it is uploaded. This tool automatically copies the URL to the clipboard and the user can share it immediately after that.


To use this wonderful utility, you simply have to download and install it. After doing so, you may right away start with it by simply specifying the location of the public folder and by providing your DropBox user ID. Once you provide these two entries as shown in the snapshot, it will configure your DropBox account and will allow you to simply add multiple files to your public folder. You will receive the notification of the URL, after your account is configured. All the URLs for the files present in the folder will be copied to clipboard. After receiving these URls, you may share them with anyone by simply pasting them in the email.

As already mentioned that all the URLs for all the files will be added to the clipboard, but no replicates will be present there. It also provides you with a feature to distinguish between those two files as if any file has been renamed within your Public folder then its older link will be corrected and replaced by a new link based on the latest version of the file which is present in it. On the other hand, if you delete or simply remove a file out of Public folder, then its URL will be automatically removed from the clipboard and will not be shown further to you.

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So, we have seen that how Dropbox Linker saves your that time that you might have wasted on opening the dropbox website and for searching the file link. It is basically a light weight and Opensource Windows application which can be added and used very easily. This tool also adds a new option to windows Context Menu in Dropbox public folder. This new option is the ‘Copy Public Link’ option which will automatically save the link to the clipboard.

Download Dropbox Linker

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