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We generally do not give attention to the battery backup of your laptop as time passes on because we rarely put our laptop on its power backup. With time, this back starts decreasing and a stage might come that it may not keep your laptop switched ON for more than 10 minutes. So, it will be better if you keep an over the battery backup of your laptop by checking it at regular interval of time. Today, I will be reviewing a tool named as ‘Battery Eater’ which will help you to have a regular check over the power backup of your system.

As you can make an estimation by its name that it will eat up all the battery backup of laptop and it will do that in order to check the minimum time for which your laptop can remain ON. It will fully load load your laptop by launching a video and removing all the power saving options and then counting the time for which you system was ON. This will help you to predict the strength of your battery. But do not run this tool too frequently as it will eat up your battery life, you can use it occasionally to check the backup of your system.

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The snapshot of the application window of the launched tool is shown above, wherein you can see the status of your battery (whether it is charging or not), then you can see the amount upto which your battery is charged and few more information. This tool will start automatically when you will disconnect your laptop from the power supply but for this feature you will have to enable an option present in the bottom of the application window.

After disconnecting the supply it will start putting full load on the system, it will also note the parameters related to the hard disk, processor and other devices connected to it. As your computer will keep on running on its backup it will predict the maximum time for which your system will remain ON and it will also note down the time which has already elapsed. You can also see the graph of discharging battery power with the help of option menu.

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The zipped size of this freeware is very small, i.e. around 1 Mb and this tool is portable also, it will not take much time to get launched, it loads few of its parameters and then it gets launched. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Battery Eater

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