Find Best Deals On Apps In Mac App Store – Get Notified When They Become Free

Its been a while since Apple announced the Mac App Store, and the number of apps being added everyday is huge. Though a lot of apps are free on the Mac App Store, some of the best apps are paid, and their price keeps fluctuating from time to time. Sometimes huge discounts are announced, or sometimes people give away a paid app for free, to create some buzz.

To keep track of the truly great apps from the Mac App Store, and to receive notifications of the best deals, Store News is the way to go. Store News is a freeware tool for Mac OS X, that keeps track of great deals from the Mac App Store, and also tracks popularity of apps.

One thing that irritates me about the Mac App Store is that there are only 2 sorting options available for app listings – alphabetic name sorting, and sorting by number of purchases. Store News, on the other hand, supports sorting by discount, price, category and name. This is very nice, especially for people looking for the best deals in apps.

Store News constantly monitors all apps listed in the Mac App Store directory, and if their price changes, they get listed. If you sort by discount, you’ll get the best deals first. A point to note is that Store News is updated once a day, and so if you don’t find any interesting deals/apps today, then you can check again tomorrow for new deals.

Download Store News from Mac App Store

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