Finally Windows 7 Has In Built Reserved or Low Battery Alarm System

Windows 7 is one of the most intelligent OS released by Microsoft, one of the most important feature which always went missing from previous versions of windows including vista and xp if the low battery critical alarm. We had reviewed several freeware programs which like BatteryBar, PowerMeter, BattCursor, Battery Alarm implement this lacking feature of low battery alarm for laptops.

But today when my hp laptop battery went low and reaches the critical level, I saw a message prompt with a small alerting sound which asks me to connect to external power source to keep using the laptop or else it will automatically hibernate as I had configured in power settings.


This is the default alert shown when you battery reaches the reserved battery level, the default value of reserved battery level is 7% you can further customize this value.

Customize The Reserved Battery Level For Low Battery Alert on Laptops With Windows 7

1. Open Windows 7 Start Menu and search Power Options and launch Power Options


2. For you power plan you have selected – click change power settings


3. Now in the next screen – click change advanced power settings


4. Navigate to Power Options – Battery >> Reserved battery level – Here you can change the reserved battery level percentage and click ok


Once you customize the reserved battery level, the low battery alert will prompt as per the percentage you specified.

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