Filter, View Only Status Updates, Videos Or Photos On Your Facebook Wall

Facebook has become so much popular with time, right now it is the most powerful social network across the globe, people so much time on facebook while browsing it from their computers, mobile phones and other devices.

The most popular page in facebook is the news feed page where you see all the updates coming from your friends on facebook, recently Amit Aggarwal of noticed a new change in the news feed, facebook now allows you to filter the most recent updates on your facebook news feed page as shown in the image below.

12-22-2010 5-25-33 PM

With this new feature rolled out across all the facebook users you can filter facebook most recent updates to view only status updates or photos only or links only or pages only but not video only if you want to filter and view videos only posted on your facebook news feed page, you will need to use latest version of windows live messenger which allows you to filter videos on your facebook news feed page, read the complete article on it here.

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