Filter, Unfollow Not Following Back, Inactive, Talkative and Quiet Twitter Users

If you are using twitter, and following many people but could not figure out whom you should follow or whom not to follow, the new web based tool called ManageFlitter can help you to find out those twitter ids you are following who are either not following you back, Inactive [ don’t tweet much ], Talkative – who tweet to much and those who are quiet – who tweet very less.


You can decide to unfollow any of the twitter users, just by selecting them and click Unfollow in the sidebar. However this website will record this data about whom you are unfollowing through this web service, In simple words this free web service helps you clean up tweets which appear on your timeline.

Integration is quite easy, Signing up is really simple. Hit the Start button on the main page and you’ll be prompted to sign into Twitter (if you aren’t already). From there, authorize ManageFlitter and it’ll start doing its thing.

Try ManageFlitter [ Source – LifeHacker ]

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