Filter Google Search Results To Show Not Yet Visited Results

Google new search has been rolled out, there are some new features introduced in the form of google search sidebar options which helps you do a better search with google, however some users did not like the new search options sidebar and for those we have already posted on how to get rid of search sidebar options in google search.

Today we tell you about another useful feature in google search sidebar options, which allows you to filter the results based on your visit. Lets understand how this is useful, there are times when you are searching for some information but you are not getting the right results some how, in such a case you would like to avoid visiting the search results you had already visited and you did not find any useful information.

You can avoid these search results from showing in google search results, just by clicking the search option in left sidebar in new google search as shown in the image below.


As highlighted in the screenshot above, you just need to click this link in order to hide those links in google search which you had already visited. We hope you like this simple tip, you can read more tips on google here

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