Filter, Allow Specific File Type Attachments In Microsoft Outlook Emails Using CodeTwo AttachUnblocker

Now a days almost everyone of us use Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving mails whether it’s in office or at home. We even have Microsoft Outlook Configured in our mobile phones. But one of the annoying feature of Microsoft Outlook that it blocks files with some extension like .exe, .js, .vbs, .reg etc. .Due to this blocking nature of Microsoft Outlook we can’t send or receive files with these extension. But I have a solution to your problem you can send the files with different extension names. But for those of you who don’t want to change the extension name every time they send or receive an attachment I have got an application named CodeTwo AttachUnblocker to their recue. This application is used to unblock the file extension that are blocked by Microsoft Outlook.

CodeTwo AttachUnblocker is an application that allows you to Unblock the attachments like .exe, .url, .reg, .js, .bat, .asp etc. . Microsoft Outlook has restricted these files due to security reasons since Microsoft Outlook 2000 Service Pack 2, due to which user cannot open the attachments. User is not even allowed to save the files of these extension on hard disk and neither those files can be forwarded as Outlook automatically deletes them and forwards the mail.

AttachUnblocker 1

After installing the above software i.e. CodeTwo AttachUnblocker when we open our outlook we can see the option of Unblock Attachments being added to outlook. When we click on this option the tool will open and we can simply enter the name of the extension and CodeTwo AttachUnblocker will unlock it.

AttachUnblocker 2

This is the screen that you will get when you will run the application for the first time after downloading and installing it from the Unblock Attachments option in the Microsoft Outlook. The tool is really simple to operate just enter the name of the extension that you want to Unblock in Microsoft Outlook in case sensitive format and just press Add after adding each extension and when you are finished adding all the extensions that you want to unblock click on Apply. Then you should restart your Microsoft Outlook for the changes to take effect, and now the Microsoft Outlook will not block any file with the extension that you have earlier entered in CodeTwo AttachUnblocker. Now you can open any file with any extension you want and you can also save it to your hard disk. Now you can also forward the mail with these file extensions and Microsoft Outlook will not delete the files before forwarding the message.

Download CodeTwo AttachUnblocker.

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