Files Get Copied To Another Directory If File Size or Content Changes

You may have come across several situations where you need to analyze only the changed or the modified files of a particular directory structure present in your computer system. There could be several reasons for viewing this and it can be helpful to detect all the unauthorized file modifications for instance, files that have been updated automatically or manually recently, or project files that other team members have worked with, or to detect files that need to be updated in a remote location depending upon the scenario which you are facing. Normally, if we ask you how to do this, then yes the obvious answer would be that it is possible to sort all files by modification date in Windows Explorer, and then to manually copy all the modified files. But, it doesn’t look like a best solution and is not that of a practicable solution especially if files are also stored in subfolders. This may be time consuming and also may leave you frustrated.

So, in order to provide a better solution for the above mentioned scenario, a small utility has been developed which may prove to be lot more helpful and may reduce the manual effort to a great extent. Copy Changed Files is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available utility which definitely offers a much simpler solution. You may download this utility from the link given below and it can be easily installed in few simple steps. After installing it, you can simply launch it in order to automate the copying of files that have been modified in a specified time period as already discussed.


Now, if we look into its working then we may observe that it comes with a nice and friendly user interface which allows the user to select operations in a better and easier way. First of all, you need to select the source and target directories from the interface itself. Here, you may see that the source directory will be analyzed according to the specifications that you configure in the second configuration step, thus make sure that you pay attention towards the complete configuration and do it properly.

In order to know how it internally works, we may tell you that the program can compare the file contents based on binary comparisons or by copying files automatically that have been modified after a selected date and time which allows the user to make the decision that which files to monitor. User may configure the utility to copy only files that have been modified in a specific period of time interval. As already said, the binary comparison option compares files in the source and destination directories. Once the comparison is completed it will automatically copy the non-identical or non-existing files from the source folder to the destination folder.

So, overall it is a nice utility and you may try it out in order to explore more of its features. Of interested then download it from the link given below which takes you directly to the developer website.

Download CopyChangedFiles

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