File Bucket Helps To Perform Bulk Operations On Files, Folders

You may have come across situations when you work for some common project or some common issue, but you may have saved files related to that project or work at different locations and that too at different point of time. So, what if, you want to collect all of them in a common folder in order to perform any operations like copy, move, delete, etc. You may have experienced that there are several instances of such type and you need to move files and folders from various locations. So, if you want to copy some files and folders which are located in different directories to a single location, it definitely is a boring task and sometimes becomes really difficult to collect them all in one place. One of the most common solution which most of the people would opt for is to make a new folder on the desktop and then to move all files and folders from different locations to this folder by copying them one by one, before performing an operation. This may be a very time-consuming process if the number of files and folders is large. So, for this we recommend you a tiny app which may prove to be useful in serving this above mentioned purpose.

File Bucket is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available portable application which helps you in the above mentioned scenario and makes collecting files and folders easy for performing operations in bulk. If we look into the inner working of the utility then we may observe that it creates a virtual container which holds the source paths of defined files and folders, therefore, collecting items doesn’t change the original locations of files and folders it merely looks like as if they all have been gathered at one place for these operations. As already mentioned, that it is basically a multi-purpose tool, and thus it allows the user to copy, move, delete, and create shortcuts of listed files and folders.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given at the end of this article and after installing it in your computer you may observe that the main navigation bar which is present on left sidebar holds the file explorer which can be used to browse through directories for files you want to gather. Below this, you may see that it gives you options to add folders and sub-folders along with an additional option which allows you to add list of items as a folder. So, you may start with the utility for collecting files and folders in virtual container, by first of all selecting the folders from navigation bar and from main window, then you may start selecting the folder’s content which is to be added into list. After choosing the files and sub-folders to be added, you just need to click on Add selected to list and rest will be handled by the utility and you will see that it will automatically populate the container.


After adding all the files and folders, you may select the options from Method pull-down menu, and you may choose the operation which you wish to perform over selected files and folders followed by destination folder. Finally, you need to click on the Start button in order to begin the process. So, just download it and explore its features on your own.

Download File Bucket

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