File Backup, Photos Sync or Transfer Files To Other Computer

All the three operations which are mentioned in the title above are very important tasks which are operated periodically on your system. As these tasks help us to keep our files and folders maintained at a certain location. So, today we will be reviewing a very compact tool which will take care of all these three tasks and the name of this tool is PureSync, which will help you to take care of all the above mentioned important task under a single package.

We have already written some of the tools which can help you to create backup for your files and can synchronize between different folders and drive present in your system. But still this tool will help you to perform both the operations and some more functionalities under a single tool or I should say under a single application window.

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As you can see the snapshot of this tool right above this paragraph. This tool can perform namely 4 operations which are mentioned as follows:

  1. Synchronizing between the files and folders.
  2. Creating Backup.
  3. Photos synchronization.
  4. Transferring files.

I will explain about the first operation rest of them are quite similar to the operation which will be discussed below.

  • When we click the option of New Synchronization on the application Window, then we¬† can see a new application window as shown in the snapshot below.

8-22-2010 11-44-04 AM

  • Just select the folders, which should be synchronized and then click next option in the bottom of the application window.

8-22-2010 12-01-29 PM

  • Now you will see a filter option wherein you can select the file types which should not be copied or you can select only those files which should be copied.

8-22-2010 12-01-41 PM

  • You can assign the automatic synchronization from next time. Whenever there will be change in the selected folder it will automatically make them same. That automatic synchronization can be scheduled at a particular instance as shown below in the snapshot of the application window.

8-22-2010 12-01-51 PM

  • Then you can assign the step which should be taken after the completion of the synchronization. In this case I preferred to open the folder in which new items were added.

8-22-2010 12-02-04 PM

  • Then you will have to name the task and then select the option that whether you want to start the operation or not.

8-22-2010 12-02-11 PM

  • Then after completing the synchronization the application window will appear like the one shown below in the snapshot.

8-22-2010 12-03-06 PM

The size of this tool is around 7 Mb. This freeware is not portable and it will take some time to get installed. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download PureSync

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