Feedscrapers, Copy Paste Websites Removed From Google Search Results

Earlier this week we mentioned about a flaw which was seen in the Google Search Results, this flaw was related to the wrong ranking of the sites on their results as they ranked a proxy site higher than genuine site for the same content. Soon after that Google released their extension for Chrome which helped the users to block the sites which were bit fruitful to them and they were just wasting the time of the users. In this post I will be talking about the new changed made in the algorithms which helped the Google to produce better search results.


With the release of the sites blocking extension they solved many of their problems. One of them was the publicity or the marketing of their browser Google Chrome as this feature which was equipped in this extension helped the users to personalize the results for their Google search. Secondly they collected the data from that extension which helped the Google to improve the results of their search page. By collecting the data with the help of their extension they got the feedback from the users which really helped them to verity their new algorithm.

They never used this feedback to create the algorithms but then they used this feedback to verify their algorithm and to their surprise the developed algorithm matched 84% of the results which was obtained from the feedback of that extension. As per them they have really changed this algorithm and then you will rarely use that extension anymore to block any of the websites in your results pattern, with the help of their new algorithm they have lowered the ranking of the sites which were already at the lower position or in short I should say that they have created the huge difference between the sites which were at higher ranking and the sites at lower ranking.

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