Feature Overview Of New Yahoo Mail Beta

Generally all the users go for using one of the three e-mail services which are Hotmail by Microsoft, Yahoo Mail by Yahoo and Gmail by Google. We have not seen frequent updates from Microsoft but still people like using it. Then Yahoo mail is also used by the majority of people and then Gmail which is also by many users. We have always published all the amendments which are done in Gmail and always been tracking same for Hotmail and Yahoo mail. Apart from the above, there is always a stiff competition between Yahoo mail and Gmail. These days Gmail have been making small small amendments and Yahoo was quite and in this post I will tell you the reason why???


Yahoo have launched the latest version of the mails known as Yahoo mail beta. From my experience I will say that Gmail was quite fast as compared t Yahoo mail and moreover the mostly needed feature which was not available in the Yahoo mail was automatic e-mail contact storage. The e-mail addresses are not saved automatically but you will have to save them manually in the contact list and contrary Gmail has this automatic contact saving facility, that’s is the reason you just have to enter the e-mail address of a person for one time and then it will save it in the contact list.

Recently launched Yahoo Beta has a lot to say about itself and I will share almost every important information related to it in this post. As always there is not limitation to the amount and then size of mails which are stored in your mail box. This version will be faster than before but always keep in mind that basically speed will depend upon the internet connection you have used and the location from which you are browsing the internet. Moreover you will also be able to check the updates and comments of your Facebook accounts because now the Facebook feeds will be linked to your email account and the same has been done with Twitter. You can also check mails from you internet enabled mobile phone.

Not only this you can also see images, videos and slideshows in the mail itself. Now this is something which was really not expected by me and apart from this lot has to come and lot has to be experienced. Dont worry because we will always keep you updated at every step. Keep reading and enjoy.

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