Fastest Way To Terminate or Stop A Hanged Program With Process Killer

ProcessKiller is free windows extension which allows you to terminate any active or hanged program very quickly just by pressing CTRL + ALT + END hotkey combination on your keyboard, you will find killing the hanged process with this program as it does not involve the use of task manager in which you first need to locate the process for the program and then you can end it.

It will terminate the active program in half a second and the only thing you have to do is press Ctrl + Alt + End on your keyboard. The same way you can also close hanging programs also with this application. We have written following related tips before like End a Process Immediately, Desktop Shortcut To Kill A Process, Kill Hanged Process Without Restarting Windows and Desktop Shortcut To Restart Hanged Windows Explorer

Following video explains how does this program works

This application is a windows extension it does not have any visual window, it just activates the hot key CTRL + ALT + END to end any process in window.

Note: ProcessKiller is like a knife that can slice bread or hurt someone, It closes programs without saving your work, It also closes the active program which is not always the one on top of the screen, so better be safe when you close active process with this utility.

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