Fastest Way To Shorten and Copy The Short URL With Using The Bookmarklet

We have previously posted about how to shorten any long URL with URL shortener in google chrome or in any browser, today we have come up with yet another way to shorten the long URLs using in any browser.

Matt Flaschen has recently created a bookmarklet which you just need to drag to the bookmark toolbar in firefox, to create a bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar. In order to see it in action drag and drop the link This Page below to your bookmarks toolbar in firefox or opera. This Page! <— bookmarklet

Lets see how to use this bookmark to shorten any URL with

1. Any page which you want to shorten with just click this bookmark created and you will see the message prompt, with the short URL created by 

2. Copy the new short URL created by selecting the entire text and then right click and click copy.


If you don’t like the above bookmarklet that much interesting you can use new firefox extension for using which will copy the new short URL directly to your clipboard which is better than using bookmarklet.

Source [ Digital Inspiration ]

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