Faster Way To Copy Images From Your Digital Camera, Memory Card

When ever you want to copy images from your digital camera or memory card, you would need to connect your device to your PC and then copy the new images after locating them but it could be quite tedious process when you need to copy the new images only out of hundreds of other images already in the same folder on your camera or memory card.

In order to copy images from your digital camera or memory card in faster way you can use, Digital Camera Copy is a very easy to use application designed to enable you to organize and copy your pictures with just a few clicks.


While copying, this program can also create preview images, preview images are generally are small thumbnail view which are highly compressed versions of your full size pictures. These preview images can be stored in a sub-folder of the normal output file location, or a totally different base folder used only for preview images, such as a web server location.

Note: It requires .net Framework 2.0 to be installed on your computer  

Download Digital Camera Copy

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