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Everyone uses different browser (chrome, Firefox, opera or IE) depending on their comfort and use. Each browser provides various unique features to maintain their popularity among users. In Firefox, there is a feature of ‘Live Bookmarks’ which is really nice and help the browser to hold its users and even attract more. It allows us to read our feeds’ headlines directly from a menu-style pop-up without having to go to the home page or a specialized reader.

Considering this, a new extension has been introduced in Google chrome called RSS Live Links which provides similar capability and avoids its users to switch to Firefox.

RSS Live Links is a smart extension that provides bookmark-like links to items from configured RSS feeds in the toolbar which you can access with just a click. When you will install it, it will ask you the access to the data on all websites, bookmarks and your browsing history. You just have to select ‘install’.


It will take just a few seconds in installation and will be installed with this icon in the toolbar.


Now, after installations, you first have to add the subscriptions from which you want to get the feeds. For this, you have to go in the ‘options’ in the right-click menu which will open a new window. Here, for adding a subscription, just click on the ‘add’ option present at the bottom of the ‘subscriptions’ option. It will open a new window where you just have to put the name and URL of the feed.

This extension also provides you to partition your feeds among different groups for easy understanding. You can add the groups in the option of ‘groups’. You can also set ‘display’, ‘Feed Title’ and ‘item title’ options that are self explanatory and varies depending on the user’s comfort.

After all the settings, just click on the option ‘Save options’ to apply changes.


Now, you will get automatic visual and audible notification of updates to subscribed feeds with the icon like this.


You just have to click on the icon and it will open a menu-style pop-up list of subscribed feeds with visual distinction between new, unread, and read feeds. To see a list of the item, just click on the feed and it will be extended to show the full feed just like here. It also provides certain options (refresh, mark all as read and more) in this pop-up window which will further ease your management. It also provides keyboard shortcuts for navigating feeds and items.


Also, RSS Live Links can be registered as an RSS reader with the ‘RSS Subscriptions’ and ‘RSS Subscriptions Plus’ extensions, or use the built-in feed detection facility to subscribe to feeds found in current tabs.

It says that it support for ‘real’ Live Bookmarks (i.e. a bookmark folder for each feed with regularly updated contents) but it currently having an update problem -old items are not being deleted which is being investigated. Otherwise, it is a smart extension.

Download RSS Live Links

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