Fast Update PS3 Via USB Flash Drive – Offline PS3 Update – Update PS3 From USB Storage Device – Download PS3 Latest Update

Yesterday, I bought a new Sony PS3 ( Play Station 3 ), I was paying with it all the time last night and went to bed at 4 am in the morning. It been so much fun till then, I tried to sign up with sony playstation network but then got to know that I will need to update the firmware on my ps3 from 2.5 to 2.6 or greater. I goggled for the latest update and found version 2.8

Downloading the ps3 update directly from internet to the ps3 through my wifi is really a pain as it is so slow, so I decided to update it via storage device, here is how you can easily update it from USB Storage Device

Downloading and Copying the PS3 Update On USB Drive

1. Go to this Playstation website and download the latest ps3 update

2. Now Connect the USB Storage Device to your computer and quick format the USB Drive

Update: [ Make Sure you format your USB Drive As Fat32 ] else the ps3 wont recognize your pen drive, thanks to readers :) ]

3. After formatting the drive open the drive and create a folder called PS3 ( the name of the folder should be in caps )

4. Create another folder inside PS3 folder named UPDATE ( the name of the folder should be in caps again )


5. Copy the downloaded file named PS3UPDAT.PUP in UPDATE folder on your USB Storage Device

6. That’s now connect your drive to your ps3

Updating PS3 Firmware With USB Drive

1. Turn on the PS3 and connect your USB Drive which have the PS3 update in it

2. In the XrossMediaBar, head over to Settings and then to System Update, Press X on your controller to move to the next step.

(as shown in the image below)


3. Now select to update via storage media ( as shown in the image below )


Follow the screen instructions after then to complete the update, this is the method to update your ps3 quickly is you have a slow broadband internet connection, this technique can also be referred as offline update for ps3


  1. Mick says

    updating from storage device would not work for me until i formatted my usb storage device to “FAT 32″.
    My PS3 would not detect an update until i reformatted, just thought i would mention it in case others are having problems.

  2. Johnny C says goes to “Page not found” =(

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