Fast Portable Windows Search With UltraSearch

When it comes to search, windows default search is the slowest and time consuming way to find files and folder, but with windows 7 windows search has been greatly enhanced and improved but it still it lags behind when it comes to finding files quickly. We had previously talked about another freeware tool called Everything which allows to find files and folder much more quickly than windows default search.

UltraSearch is another free too for to do fast windows search, however it is not that faster than Everything Search but still better than windows search. It is a portable utility, so once downloaded and extracted you don’t need to install, run it by double clicking the executable of the program.


But unlike everything this does not require indexing your files first, you can start search right away just after launching UltraSearch, however it does not have a preview pane in which you can preview the file under search results. It also does not offer any advanced search filters or criteria to search it works on keyword search only.

In short this is a great simple tool which does not uses much memory and disk space due to its small size. It could be a good choice to search files faster rather than using the slow windows search.

Download UltraSearch

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