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We all know that searching files in your own computer can sometime become a tedious task. Especially for those users, who have lots and lots of data saved in their system and they don’t even know what they have stored at which place or in which drive. In such cases, Windows search can prove to be a helpful option but still it is not the best way to find your files even in your computer. Along with these files which are saved by the users, sometime you may also require to locate some of the system files which then become a more difficult task even with Windows search option. Although, Windows Search option has improved a lot, but still it lacks some decent features.

This window search option functions by using the principle of indexing, i.e. every time you copy a new file to your computer or even if it is added through any medium it is indexed by the windows internal functions. After indexing, whenever a user performs a search for any of the file, Windows first scans the whole index and then displays the result matching the searched words. This scanning usually takes a long time as it is a single index and it is normally huge in size. So, for faster results while searching, we recommend you a utility which can prove to be really helpful and may search the files very quickly.


Super Finder XT is small and useful utility which a free search tool for Windows and along with this it is both quick and robust. For this particular utility, there are two modes: Simple which has been designed for starters and the other one is Advanced which has been designed especially for professionals. In advanced mode, you may observe that the find option to search for text is available in the main window itself.

This utility comes with lots of Advanced options which allow the users to find files between any two file sizes or specified dates. Applying these filters such as, creation date, access date, and modification date makes it easier for the user to search the files and that too very quickly. Here under the same tab, you may observe that there is a complete list of attributes, such as, Hidden, System, Compressed, Encrypted, etc which may also prove to be helpful in finding the files and narrowing the results. So, by using various attributes and also the other functionalities of these advanced options directly effect the speed and quality of search and makes the same task lot easier as compared to normal windows search option.


Along with all these features discussed above this utility provides lots of other features such as, it includes an option to save all settings, which can be used later and many more. So, in order to try it out just download it form the below given link and install it in your computers.

Download Super Finder XT

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