Fast, Easy To Use Twitter Client Software For Mac OS X

While there are many popular Twitter clients out there for Mac OS X or Adobe AIR, that can be used on Mac OS X such as Tweetie, Echofon, TweetDeck, DestroyTwitter to name a few, which boast of a lot of advanced features and beautiful interfaces, between all these big players, Itsy, a tiny and minimalistic Twitter client for Mac OS X got lost.

Itsy makes one thing pretty clear, if you’re all in for features like hashtag filtering, multiple accounts or conversation tracking and selective updates, then Itsy is not for you. Itsy is a very minimalistic and barebones client, which has a very limited set of features, a small memory footprint, and is great for people who don’t follow a lot of people or don’t spend much time on Twitter at all.

Here is a screen of the default timeline tab in the UI-

The buttons/tab switchers on Itsy are really small and difficult to reach with a mouse pointer, but fortunately it has support for standard keyboard shortcuts, like Cmd + N for new tweet.

Unlike Tweetie, which opens up a small pop-up style window for a new tweet, Itsy replaces your current view by a blank text box for you to type your tweet. However, it is smart enough to not completely erase the current view if you’re replying to a certain tweet, so you can see what you’re replying to while typing it out.

Within its small form factor, Itsy has some smooth and unobtrusive transitions in place which make it shine like a diamond in the ‘lightweight’ Twitter client segment. It manages to punch in the Mac OS X feel merely by good icons, minimalism and great usability.

In addition to this, for people who don’t like the white background (like me, I’m used to TweetDeck and DestroyTwitter, both of which employ dark backgrounds by default) there is an alternative dark theme included in the package, which looks good too.

Download Itsy

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