Fast, Easy Edit Event Details In Google Calendar

Recently Google has added 2 new features to Google calendar, now let me tell you that these two features can be really helpful for a user to manage their timings for the events or I should say the whole schedule of the day. Now users will be able to work faster and spend less time in creating the schedule for the meetings. In the following post we will talk more about these new features and we will also mention that how you can use these features.


As you can see in the snapshot, that now you can change the default meeting time for the address, for example if most of the meeting conducted by you are of 40 minutes then every time when you schedule a meeting you will not have to change the rather you will have to change the default value for the timings of your meetings. The field for changing the value has been shown below in the snapshot. After altering this value to 40 minutes, every time when you will schedule a new meeting you will find the even time valued as 40 minutes and thus it will be faster to schedule the meeting.



The second introduced feature is an amendment made in printing the schedule of the meetings. Initially whenever you had to printing the meeting schedule then the whole meeting schedule of the day used to be out on the page but now you can limit the content of the meeting on the page by providing the date range in the schedule. I feel that these two features will help a user to organize the meetings and manage the time in a smarter way.

By now, I do not have any idea that when they will be getting out these feature for the mobile version of Google Calendar as I suppose that the first feature can be very efficiently utilized for the portable devices. I hope that you will find this news useful to you, so if you have got any problem using these features or if you have got anything new related to It, then please let us know by putting them in the comments section.

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