Fast Application Program Launcher Starter [Windows Only]

Now-a-days, every person does his/her maximum work on computers only. All the employees are provided with a personal computer on their desk. Also, the work done by a single person is very specific so each morning when he/she starts working, he opens only specific files and folders.

So, for providing convenience to the people who opens usually same files and folders daily on their system, there is a freeware called Quick Cliq which helps you in speeding up your daily computer activities.

Quick Cliq is an application launcher tool which provides the links to folders, files, programs, links, and command line operations as well as window management, extreme clipboard manipulation, and ‘Memos’ that hold frequently used bits of text, like e-mail signatures in a menu based form.

This tool is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp only. It is portable so, needs no installation. When you will run this application, it will stay in your system tray with this icon without taking up your valuable screen space.


For accessing the recent files or folders, just right-click on the system tray icon or  use keyboard shortcut ‘Win+Z’ for opening the menu. The menu is well categorized with your favorite shortcut on top, then the recent clips, windows, memos, suspend options and add/change option at the last.


You can change the configuration by going in the ‘add/change’ option. This will open a new window of the application. Here, on the main window, you can specify your frequently used shortcuts.

For this, first select the ‘item’ or ‘menu’ from the ‘create’ list present at the extreme right of the window. After that, choose the desired shortcut by browsing. And click ‘OK’.


You can also change the settings of each category in the option of ‘settings’. Here, you will be provided various options by which you can personalize your application launcher and set it to save all your frequently used items.

You can also use various hotkeys for your convenience so that you should not always open the menu for opening a desired folder. It also provides the option of setting the hotkeys for each category according to your comfort.

It also provides the option of saving the backup of your shortcuts settings so that if the application gets deleted accidently, then you can restore all your shortcuts settings from the backup saving your time in defining them again.


Download Quick Cliq

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