Fake Mouse Clicks To Prevent Computer To Enter Sleep Mode or Run Screensaver

There are many small problems, because of which our work might get stuck or I should day that it might become slow. When you want to set the power plans to increase the power backup on your computer or laptop, then you are supposed to decrease the time, when your computer goes to sleep. Now this may slow the speed of your work because every time if you got to attend a call or you leave system for some other important work then after you return you will find that your system is in sleep mode and I am sure this will annoy you.


Today I will be telling you about a tool known as mouse jiggler, which will help you to take care of this problem. You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above, it is really very simple as this too has got only one operation to perform which is disturbing your mouse when you keep it idle. If you are leaving your system for some important work and you do not want to see your computer or laptop in sleep mode when you get back then you can check the checkbox mentioned in the application window.

Once you do the mentioned above, you can leave your mouse icon and then as soon as it detects your mouse in the idle state it will start jiggling it to and fro motion. The motion will not be very much deviant, so it might not be possible to see the movement after a certain distance, but one thing is for sure that you will be getting annoyed by unwanted screensavers, sleep mode or standby mode. The size of this tool is around 50 KB and it is portable with a simple feature embedded in it. We have used this tool in Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so if you face any issue while using this tool then please let us know.

Download Mouse Jiggler

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