FaceTime Like Voice, Video Call In Between iPhone & Android Phone

When Apple announced the iPhone 4 back in June 2010, FaceTime calls were highlighted as the biggest new feature to come to the iPhone. But the numerous limitations to FaceTime have been the source of much disappointment. FaceTime calls work only over WiFi (no support for 3G) and can be made only from iOS devices to other iOS devices (though support for FaceTime calls was added to Mac OS X recently, it is still in beta).

Soon after the iPhone was released, many smartphones running Android surfaced in the market which had front side facing cameras, and supported video calling via 3rd party apps such as Qik. The advantage that these Android phones had over the iPhone were that they supported video calls over both 3G as well as WiFi.

Tango is a free app available for iOS devices (iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G) as well as Android phones that enables video calls amongst and between the two different platforms.

Tango has support for the following features –

  • Video calls amongst iOS devices, amongst Android devices and between them as well.
  • Calls over both 3G and WiFi for both iOS and Android users
  • Calling support for Android users who have phones even without a front facing camera (but at least a rear facing camera, obviously)
  • Does not user either FaceTime contacts or Android’s user contacts, rather maintains its own database of users who have Tango installed.
  • Support for both front and rear cameras for video calling, and switching them in between a call.

Even though Tango does not look like a native iOS app, its multiple advantages over FaceTime make it a must-have application. Calls over 3G have been reported to blotchy and jittery, but could still be useful for purposes other than recreation (for example, tech support).

Also, Tango scans your contact list for matching individuals listed in its own database, and then you can add them as contacts on Tango, and call them.

The best part of Tango, is that it provides all these features, bridges the gap between iOS and Android and is available absolutely FREE.

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