Facebooker RC3 – Windows 7 Facebook Browser With No-Cookies, No-Web History and No-ADS

We have covered several other windows desktop based facebook browsers and other tips like Free Desktop Application For Facebook Chat, Fosimo – Free Facebook Desktop Client, Scan Face and Find People On Facebook, Get Facebook Alerts and Notifications On Mac OS X and Free Facebook App For iPhone. Similarly Facebooker RC3 is a free facebook browser with which you can access all the facebook features and functions directly through this free application.


Its been developed by an independent developer named Amir Sohil, we have got the review for this software directly from the developer via our page dedicated to submit your software for review page. so if you have any software you made or your friend and you want it to be reviewed let us know we would be glad to review it. :)

This facebook browser is completely portable so installation required, as soon as you run this program it will open a facebook for login.


Once you login with the correct facebook username and password, you can access all the features of facebook in this small windows 7 desktop based browser. It works on all the windows versions from XP to Windows 7 


Some Key Features of this program

No-Web History
NO-Anything which make your web trip SLOW
Yes-Virus Protection

Download Facebooker RC3 from the following links

Link 1 | Alternate Link 2 | Alternate Link 3


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