Facebook Went Down After New Features Gets Leaked

Facebook and the other organizations keep on trying to introduce some new features in their services so that they can attract more number of users towards them. Specially Google and Facebook compete to the fullest by giving away some new feature everyday, but these new releases of these features may spoil their reputation if they are released accidentally. Something similar has happened with Facebook and in this post I will be telling you about that mistake and what are latest information which has been retrieved through that.


There were some of the new features which have been shown in the snapshot which were released by mistake on Facebook. Today the looks of Facebook was completely different but these new introduced updates were not complete and furnished they were incomplete but they were released by mistake and because of that Facebook which handles the personal data of 5 million users was down for 50 minutes and then when it got up again, it was back to its normal features and looks.


You must have got surprised if you would have visited that website within that period of time. Now these new features included a new style to present the photographs of your friends and then a new feature which could facilitate you to switch the accounts comfortably but none of them was fully finished and then this mistake resulted to be a huge one, it was sure that huge number of users would have got annoyed and faced this problem while the Facebook site was down. Even then the suspense of all these new features have also lost and next time when these will be released then there will not be much to share about them. Lets hope that Facebook will not repeat this mistake ever in future again.

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