Facebook User ID Encryption Coming Soon

We have seen that Facebook has ben consistently trying to ease their users. We have also written many news post in which they have mentioned about their different initiative to improve the condition of security on Facebook accounts and simultaneously they have also been working on the privacy of their Users. In this post of news we will be telling you about a new security measure that has been taken by Facebook recently. Recently, it was claimed by Wall Street Journal that Facebook is allowing the applications to share the information of their users to the third party.

Well Facebook acknowledges this feature but it also stated that it was initially mentioned to the users using that application that the information are subjected to be shared. But now they have made it mandatory that all the User IDs will be encrypted from now onwards so that any information related to the users should not be leaked without the prior notification to the user. The application on Facebook access the information of Users on Facebook only when the users grant them to access it and then these applications may transfer this information to the third party or exactly to their advertisers (This has been done by Zingya Farmville).

But Facebook has decided that this information will be encrypted and so it cannot be transferred to any third party member. They have just announced it and it will take some time to be in action. Though media may have exaggerated it a little bit but I am completely in support of Facebook as they have always been trying to make their users comfortable and that is the reason of implementing high security measures for the security of their users account and I am sure that even this measure will not take much time to be a regular part of the features of the Facebook account.

We will be keeping you updated with all the information related to this news as we have already covered many of the news related to the security measures taken by Facebook. Meanwhile if you get to know anything new or if you want to share any thing that have been experienced by you personally then please do not hesitate to put that down in the comments as we will be glad to share them. Keep Reading and have a nice day!!!

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