Facebook Text Chat Messenger For Windows 7 Or Later Versions of Windows

As we all know Facebook is a very popular social networking website. All of us now a days have an account on Facebook. People now a days stay online almost 24 hours. They like to be online as it’s the easy way to access one another but one cant be always browsing  Facebook 24 hours just to see who is online and who’s not. So i have a better tool for you fTalk, to stay online and to get notified when the friends come online and, when someone sends you a message.

fTalk 1

This is the window that opens up when you click on the shortcut of fTalk to launch it after installing on your machine. You can login into fTalk with your Facebook account i.e. Facebook account email id and password.  There is a Remember me checkbox for you. You can check it if yon want to save yourself the trouble of putting the email id and password again and again. As this software is directly linked to Facebook you can click on the Forgot your Password link in case you have forgotten your password and the password will be went at your Facebook registered email id.

fTalk 2

After you have have logged this window will open for you with a list of all your friends sorted in two categories Online friends and Offline friends. You have a flike button which you can click if you like this app. This window has a Text Box at the top in which you can write and share as your Facebook status message. Below that textbox there is another textbox labeled as  search using which you can search a friend from the whole list. At the bottom there is a link Which says Invite your Friends to fTalk you can click the link and send invites to your friends for fTalk messenger.

fTalk 3

When you click on your photograph a dropdown opens which has several options. First option is  View My Profile using which you can navigate to your profile. Second is preferences when you click on that a window will open which which will have the various alert options when a friend comes online. It also have options to Launch fTalk on windows startup which can be used according to ones need. A clickable link is there a the bottom which can be used to Restore fTalk Defaults. The third option available in the drop down is sign out from your Facebook account. One more important option that is available is Exit fTalk that will close the application altogether.

fTalk 4

This is the chat window that opens up when you chat with a friend You can type in the text in the textbox and press enter and it will be sent to your friend. There is a emoticon symbol you can click on it and it will open a window with a lot of emoticons and you can select from them. There is a invite button at the bottom right hand corner to invite your friend to fTalk. You have three other options also you can open the profile of the friend you are chatting with from the link at the top which says Profile. You can open the photos of your friend you are chatting with from the link which says Photos at the top. You can also send him a message through Facebook using the Facebook Message link at the top right hand corner.

Another messenger available for Facebook to chat from windows Vista and XP known as FacebookDiscovery. You can also chat with your friends at Facebook using Hotmail.

Download fTalk Messenger.

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