Facebook Privacy Guide – Do’s and Don’ts

Facebook is one such great and widely used social networking platform being used by many people, but it does have some privacy leaks if you don’t configure the facebook privacy settings and leave them as default. These privacy settings are very easy to understand and configure but people normally don’t take some time out and configure them as their preference.

On Facebook, there are three basic levels of privacy: Friends, Friends of Friends, Everyone. You also have a set of public information, which helps your friends find and connect with you: your Name, Profile Picture, Gender, and any Connections you’ve made. Today we will you some how can you protect your privacy on facebook.

Here is how facebook privacy settings is organised.

Personal Information and Posts covers personal details like your birthday and political views, along with your content and content others have posted to your Wall. You control who is able to see each type of information.


Contact Information covers contact details like your mailing address and phone number. We recommend you make this visible to friends only.


Friends, Tags and Connections covers information and content that’s shared between you and others on Facebook. This includes relationships (shared between you and the person you’re in the relationship with), interests, and photos you’re tagged in.


Application and Websites covers what information is available to the applications you and your friends use.


Search lets you control whether a public search listing is created for you. You can also control who can see your information in Facebook search.


Block List allows you to identify specific people who you want to prevent from interacting with you on Facebook.


We have written various posts on how to configure these settings, you can read our facebook tips section here and here to get to know how to protect your privacy better.

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