Facebook Places Launching Soon In India

As I have always been mentioning that Facebook is constantly improving the social networking site for the mobile users, recently it launched many of the applications which were for the Android phones and iPhones. Now a days it is aiming for the mobile application and it is trying its best to give the best on the mobile phones and that is the reason they are trying to embed all the features in the mobile applications which will give them the feel of the desktop application. In this post I will be sharing something similar to the development made for the mobile users in their Facebook application. They have introduced something new which is known as Facebook Places.


You must be using Foursquare on your mobile. Now this application is used to share the location of your in the most simplest form and Facebook Place also does the same. You just need to tap on this option of Facebook places and then you will have to check into the feature to share the location where you are. Now the nearest location which can be guessed by the application will be shared on your Facebook account.

Even if the information regarding the location of yours is missing in the database of the Facebook then you can add the location by using that application itself. Now this was one of the features which was missing in the Facebook and it was something really important for the people using the mobile Facebook application. I hope that you will like this tool and will start using it now because now if you are a Facebook fan then you do not need Foursquare to share the location. Let see that what are the other amendments and then changes which will be brought by Facebook now.

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[ Source – Labnol.org ]

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