Facebook Page Number Of Likes Tracker Widget For Android

A day ago we had come up with a dedicated twitter widget for android devices which tells us the count of followers and following people and now a similar widget has surfaced the android market and is available for free.

The widget is called as the Facebook-Page Likes widget and works the same way as the Twitter one does. Infact even the widget appearances resembles a lot to the Twitter counterpart. It is a home screen widget and performs the task of notifying you about the number of page likes a person has on Facebook. The app is very much new and will soon become a must have one just like the Twitter Followers Widget.

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Some of the concerning things about this application is that it is available as a beta version and is under development. Another disappointing thing about the same is that it only tracks the Facebook pages and does not track Facebook users or groups.

Facebook Page Likes Widget1

As mentioned above about the similarity between the apps, the widget could be opened by going to the widget menu and selecting it. After this a new window would open where one is asked to enter the Facebook page name of the person whose page-likes is supposed to be tracked. As soon as you hit the connect button after entering the profile page name, the widget will be added to the home screen with the page likes in bold numbers in the middle of the window.

In case one wishes to refresh the likes, he or she is supposed to tap on the widget and voila, the likes will be updated immediately. Another feature is of accessing the profile page of the person which could be easily done by tapping on the arrow on the right top corner of the widget.

The bottom line remains that it is a useful app and should definitely be on your android home screen.

Download Facebook Page-Likes WIdget – [Android Market]

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