Facebook Now Allows Drag & Drop Photos To Organize, Arrange Them

Recently, Facebook has got huge popularity among internet users and has become a good platform for socializing with your friends and other people. Considering this, facebook is continuously launching new features to hold the attraction of users so that they do not switch to other networking sites which are equally working hard for the popularity and TRPs.

Now-a-days, facebook is working on the photos section. At the start of the month, it has launched various new features of high resolution, Light box viewer, bulk tagging and easy uploading.

And, now, it has launched the feature of Drag & Drop photos which was reportedly the most-requested feature. There can be seen many discussion topics requesting to add this feature on various communities of facebook.

This feature will be a real help to the beginners who are not fully aware about all the features and face problems while managing their albums . Before this feature was introduced, one has to go in the ‘organize’ option in the ‘edit album’ where you can change the order of the photos which may not be known to them.

But, with the launch of this feature, one will be able to change the position of their images or of their albums very easily by just dragging the photo and dropping it wherever you want regardless of the upload date, so as to make sure that the first ones are always the most important ones.

This feature of Drag & Drop Photos can be recognized by the new symbol added on the top-left side of photos of your albums like shown here.


With these new features of facebook photos, facebook is heading towards being a fully-functioning photo application apart from a popular social networking site. This will give a good competition to the sites which are dedicated to photo-sharing like Flickr, Fotolog and many more.

Also, it shows that facebook team is constantly monitoring user feedback and they are encouraging users’ comments, because this is the way the social network will become a self-sufficient platforms, with a wide array of functions that would satisfy even the pickiest member.

Apart from this, it is a great feature which will help us in managing our albums easily saving a lot of time. Hope you will also like it. We will keep updating you with the new features launched by facebook. Till then, stay connected…!!!

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