Facebook iPhone, iPod App Updated

As you might be knowing that Facebook application has been updated for iPhone or iPod because there were many bugs which were supposed to be fixed and Facebook hates to keep its users waiting. In this post I will be telling you about the new updated version of Facebook application for iPhone or iPod as the bugs have been fixed and some new feature have been introduced in it. This news will be great for all the iPhone users as I expect that they must be using Facebook application.


Now you must have noticed in the previous version of this application that you were not able to upload the images from your mobile in any of the album of your account but now, with the release of this application you can upload the pictures in any of the album at any time from your mobile. So, this bug has finally resolved and now you can also change the privacy setting or any other account setting from your mobile application, now feature has been enabled in this version only. Now I suppose that this feature was disables due to security reasons but now they have a solution to this problem so they have introduced this feature if changing the privacy and account settings from your mobile. You can now chat, update the status, upload the pictures and then change the setting of your account.

I think that it’s enough to do when you are on your way. Now if you look at their changes then slowly and slowly Facebook is trying to change the application analogous to the desktop version and as the updates are being introduced this application is becoming more easy to use. I hope you will definitely like this version.

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