Facebook Friendship Pages Information

So, a new feature introduced by Facebook. I think that day is not too far when Facebook will become one of the necessities of your life Winking smile. You know that Facebook is the best social networking site and it has hold that place for a reason. Recently Facebook introduced many of the security features and then it introduced a very attracting feature of uploading unlimited number of pictures in your profile and now I will be telling you about a new feature known as Friendship page.

Now with the title you must have predicted about the feature. The friendship page introduced by Facebook describes about the relation between the two friends on Facebook. That friendship age will consist of all the records of all the messages, the wall post the comments exchanged between you. It will include all the pictures in which you both are tagged and all those status and other things and everything or yours and his on which he/she or you have made comments, it will also include all the matching likes or in short it will tell you everything which is between you and your friend . In short I should say that it will show everything which has been done between you two and the title of the page will be ‘your name’ and ‘his or her name’.

So, when you want to recall the time you spent together then Facebook is there to help you out, you can definitely see all the previous and old messages which were exchanged and all those relishing pictures. Similarly all of this record will be saved between every friend of yours. So your memories are always alive if they are shared with Facebook. Days are spending and Facebook is becoming more and more closer to our hearts. I love this site!!! more than my girlfriend (Open-mouthed smile Winking smile).

We will try our best to keep you updated with the information related to this news and all the new updates related to Facebook, but if you get to know anything new then please do not hesitate while sharing it with us, just put that down in the comments and we will share it with all the other readers. Keep Reading and have a nice day!!!.

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