Facebook Email Service Launching Tomorrow

There is a cold war going on between Google Gmail and Facebook and the obvious reason must have been observed by you. You must have seen that you cannot directly import the contacts from Gmail to Facebook as you used to do earlier because Google blocked that page for importing the contacts for Facebook but then Facebook was one step ahead :D it showed its user another way to download the contact file and then upload it in their Facebook profile, but then now if you want to download the contact file then it is also described under a trap page which deteriorates the user to do so.


In this post I will be telling you about a remedy which has been decided by Facebook, though it is not a sure news but then we and other users expect to be released in the event which is going to be held on 15th November, 2010. The snapshot which you can see above is the image of the new domain which has been registered by Facebook and its URL address is mail.facebook.com, now with this web-page and the name of the domain one can expect that in that event Facebook will surely launch its own e-mail service and if they did it, then it will be a big problem for Google.

Because Google Gmail is one of the mostly used e-mail services and currently Facebook is the best social networking site in the world and if they managed to attract people to their e-mail service (which is very easy because around 200 million people are already Facebook fans and they always want to be logged in to the Facebook account.) then it will be huge problem for Google. Now let’s see what will be final results I am eagerly waiting for that event ;)

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  1. Bharath says

    Lol, that’s Outlook webapp in the snapshot and as of now mail.facebook.com is used by employees (corporate webmail) and it is not a new domain as you had written.

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