Facebook Disconnect Stops Facebook To Know Which Websites You Are Loading In Google Chrome Browser

Today, everyone is using one or the other social networking website over the Internet in order to get connected with the friends, relatives or other member on the sites. One of the most popular and the most commonly used social-networking website is Facebook. People from different countries, with different backgrounds are there on this platform and are using it. Various app and features of this heart-throbbing website makes it a distinct among the various other available websites. But, there are some issues related with the security of your private data which may be lost through some of these features of this website. You may have observed that whenever you visit a website it may happen that the website connects to other sites and in this process, it may reveal some important information about you. One of the examples of such features is Facebook Connect, which leaks information to Facebook whenever you visit a website that is powered by it. In short, it can be easily understood as that whenever you visit a page that uses Facebook Connect, Facebook knows about it and can gain information about it.

So, for this recently a new Google Chrome extension has been developed which allows the user to block and to stop Facebook from tracking the web pages that a user visits. Its developer has mentioned that concerns about all these privacy leaks in the past made them create the extension. Although, it is not clear how Facebook processes the data and stores it but privacy conscious users may want to eliminate the possibility that their connection data leaks to other parties and they may want to block all such activities.


Facebook Disconnect is basically a simple, light-weight, easy to use and a powerful Google Chrome extension which blocks the connections to Facebook only on third party sites and doesn’t allow the Facebook to access any of your information through the third-party sites.


This thing must be made very clear that the blocking of Facebook on third party websites should not affect Facebook users at all and accessing Facebook will remain same as it was before using this extension. Although, some users after using this extension have reported problems with viewing photos that are send directly to them but the developer says that will continue to work on the extension, and users who experience any issues similar to the one mentioned above, can visit the Google Code page to add the issues that they encounter to the list so that they get fixed in future versions.

So, overall we can say that it’s a nice little extension which may add one more layer for the security of your private data. In order to have this security added to your system, you may download it from the link given below.

Download Facebook Disconnect

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