Facebook Connect Plugin For Microsoft Outlook

I have good news for the people, who prefer to access their email accounts from Microsoft Outlook. The good news is that now all the Outlook user will not have to open separate window for facebook account, they can access it within Outlook itself. I will be reviewing a tool which will create a separate window inside the Outlook application window, making you to access your facebook account from Microsoft Outlook and the name of this tool is ‘Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook’.

This tool has been designed by Microsoft keeping in mind about the convenience of its application users. Facebook is one of the leading social networking websites, so it will offer a great help by collectively putting their emails and facebook updates together.


When the installation completes, you will be asked to start the Microsoft Outlook, so that it can configure your Facebook account settings. The application window of this tool will appear as shown in the snapshot above, where you will be required to select the facebook option and then you will have to enter the account user name and password. After logging in to the account you can check any of your friends update by clicking a mail send or received by him form your side. By using that email ID, you account will search his or her page on the face book and then it will let you know about every update of his or her account.

After getting installed,that tool will take a small space in your Outlook application window, where you can see the updates. If you have clicked on a mail, which has been sent to many different users, then it will consider all the users to show their facebook status in that tool. You can see all the user enlisted in that tool within a toolbar of that application window.


This tool is available in two versions, one is for the users having 32-bit Operation System and the other is for the users 64-bit Operating System. The version for 32-bit OS is smaller than the version for 64-bit OS by 3 Mb approximately, the size of the 32-bit version is around 10 Mb. The tool will take some time to get install, as after launching its setup you will have to wait a little bit for the tool to complete its update. Then after completing the setup it will take a minute to complete remaining part of the installation. The freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook

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