Facebook Chat Messenger [Windows Only]

Facebook is so popular social networking site that its users can not afford to stay away from it. Many of the facebook addicts leave their work in offices, schools and other places so, it is usually blocked at such places. One of my friend is one of them who becomes very impatient if she has to stay offline for a while.

So, for these kind of users, there is a freeware called FacebookDiscovery which is a facebook desktop chat client that enables you to chat directly from your desktop with all your facebook buddies.

FacebookDiscovery is a smart tool with which you do not need to login to your Facebook profile for being active on facebook chat. The tool is for windows users only and is compatible with windows 7 (both 32 or 64 bit), vista, xp and 2003. When you will run it after installation, it will stay in the system tray with this icon.


At first, the main window of the application is like this. You just have to login using your same Facebook credentials and start chatting with your facebook friends.


The tool will then show you the list of your friends which are currently online. For starting the chat, you have to just click on the person’s name and a new window will be opened for the chat with that person. The tool provides a unique feature of saving the conversation with the person on your desktop using the marked option.


The client is very much similar to the Gtalk, Yahoo messenger with an addition of the option of changing your status directly from this application.

It also provides the option of changing the color of your window from a list in the option present on the main window. You can also change some settings using the option of ‘settings’ which will open a new window.

Here, there are many tabs for different settings. Lets say, in the ‘contact list’ tab, you can chose to see the friends picture, status as well apart from the name. Likewise the options in other tabs are easy to understand and use. The options are enough for allowing users to personalize their client accordingly.


The FacebookDiscovery is a smart application and a must have tool for the facebook addicts. ;)

Download FacebookDiscovery


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