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Hello folks!!! Today I will be telling you people about the instant search offered by Facebook now. Ya!! I remember my promise in my last instant search posts wherein I promised not to mention any instant search post again. But I was not able to resist this one, as Facebook is one of the mostly used Social Networking sites these days. So, if you get a chance to use facebook with instant or AJAX powered services then I think you will definitely want to go for it.


You can call this site as Facebook Instant, again at this site also you will able to see the pages, events and posts of all the the public communities, Once you enter the keyword in the main search bar mentioned at the top in the middle of the web page. let me tell you one of its good feature that if you want to see the public posts and events, then you will not have to login to your account. Just type the name of that keyword in that search box and then you will easily be able to see them.

But if you login to your account and then type the keywords in the search fields, then you will get more familiar results and if you want to see the posts made by you friends then just type the name of your friend in that search field and then you will see all the posts, comments made on any of your pics or on the wall. If you want to see the page of Facebook where the comment or post was written, then just click that section of the post and then you will be redirected to another page wherein you will se that comment in your facebook account.

The only problem that I felt was with the speed of the search display, it takes considerable or noticeable amount of time while searching the text in the search field. It will search again and again as you type a new character and then after some time it will conclude to the result. It will be very useful, once it becomes faster and as soon as they resolve this problem I will be here again to update you but if meanwhile, you come across any news related to this website then please put that down in the comments section. We will be glad to share it. Read it, Use it and have fun!!!!

Facebook Instant

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