Facebook Allows To Filter Messages On Public Pages

Before starting this post let me tell you about a fact related to Facebook, due you know that Facebook is maintaining the database for its 5,000,000 users. Now this is something which can make you feel astonished and that is the reason why Facebook is emphasizing again and again on the security issues. Recently Facebook again added a new feature which is related to the filtering of the mails and today in this post I will be telling you about that feature in my post.

Recently Facebook has introduced a feature named as spam which is only for the public pages. Now this will help the people to see the most usable content which are posted by the others on that page. Actually it has been done because many spam message acquire most of the attention of the users by begin repeated again and again. Now this attracts the attention of the users who visit that page and that user may feel that public page is of no use. It may happen that users may get annoyed and then stop visiting that page or the valuable content has been made to hide because of these spam messages.

So this feature will automatically remove the spam messages and thus users can see their messages and other useful messages on that page. This will not only be helpful for the readers but also helpful for the owner of that page because now the useful content from his page can read easily. So, if you are the admin then you need to waste your time on removing the spams from your page and reader will be benefited as per the genuine content which is published on your page. In short it means the time will be used efficiently for everyone on Facebook.

Facebook is really trying hard to ensure all the users that it is useful, safe and secure and undoubtedly it is getting successful in doing so. We will try to keep you updated with all the information related to this news and meanwhile if you get to know anything related to regarding any new feature introduced in Facebook then please let us know by putting it in the comments as we will be glad to share with the rest of the users by updating our posts. Keep Reading and have a nice day!!!

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