Facebook – Allow Friends Only To See What You Post Or Share

There are times when you may found that your facebook account privacy has been compromised, at such times you may want to control the way you share things on facebook.  Under such situations you might panic and decide to close or suspend your facebook account. Just to let you know that it is actually very simple to change the privacy settings on your facebook account in such a way that only your friends on facebook can see what you post or share.

This way not everyone or none of your friends of friends can see what you posted or shared, follow the procedure below to know how to do it.

1. Go to facebook.com and login with your facebook username and password

2. Go to the privacy settings page at this page

3. Now select the privacy settings level as Friends Only

12-28-2010 1-18-52 PM

Now click the button saying Apply These Settings at bottom right corner as shown in the image below.

12-28-2010 1-21-10 PM

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