Extract Stored Passwords In A Firefox Profile With Firefox Password Recovery Tool [ Freeware ]

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Firefox store these login details such as username and password for every website once you click remember this and it stores them in a encrypted sign on database. Firefox Recovery Tool is a free tool which allows you recover the sign on remembered passwords of various websites like gmail, yahoo mail, facebook etc in Firefox.

It can decrypt and display these passwords from the current user profile, from different profile (other profile on the same PC), or from different computer even with different operating system (such as Linux or Mac). The displayed sign-on information can then be copied to the clipboard and saved to a file in standard text format.


Note: The only requirement for this tool to successfully extract the remembered password is, the profile user must not be using master password to protect the remembered passwords from getting leaked out which is a feature provided in firefox  

Installation and Use


his utility is a standalone executable. It does not require any installation process or additional DLLs. Just run the executable (FirefoxRecovery.exe). It will automatically detect and display the list of your sign-on secrets for the current Firefox profile.

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Download Firefox Password Recovery Tool [ Freeware ]

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